Handheld Vacuums

Hand held vacuum cleaners are designed to clean furniture, vehicle interiors, and hard-to-reach surfaces easily. Thanks to their powerful suction, they aren’t restricted to carpeted surfaces and can tackle nearly any dirty surface, such as blinds and ceiling fans.  

Picking a handheld vacuum depends on your needs and budget. Some small vacuums include hoses and attachments to expand their reach and versatility, while others include essential or no attachments. The variety of attachments makes handheld vacuums excellent for tight crevices and pet hair. 

These vacuums are great supplemental tools for hard-to-reach places and cleaning up small messes. However, homes with wall-to-wall carpets will need a more powerful and longer-lasting vacuum. Also, keep battery life in mind when picking your next vacuum, as options with smaller batteries won’t be ideal for extended cleaning periods. 

Handheld vacuums are great for cleaning sporadic messes, like spilled cereal or scattered cat litter. They’re easy to grab, put to work, and return to the charger. Most handheld cleaners have a debris compartment, so they’re simple to clean between tasks. Buy a handheld vacuum cleaner to simplify your household cleaning and prepare for small messes.

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