Cordless Stick Vacuums/Sweepers

Stick vacuums are a highly versatile option for cleaning underneath furniture, carpeted stairs, and bare floors. Cordless stick vacuums are even more flexible, letting you move from one room to another without dealing with finding a new outlet. Plus, many stick vacuums are bag-free, making them easy to clean out between tasks if necessary. 

A cordless stick vacuum shines in the number of chores it handles without needing to deal with bulky hoses and manage a power cord. While typically not as powerful as a full-size vacuum, many homeowners will find they can still take on more strenuous tasks. Stick vacuums have become significantly more powerful in recent years and are well-equipped for most household chores.

Picking the cordless stick vacuum depends on your budget and requirements. Consider available battery life and debris capacity, as both attributes will affect how long it can be put to work. Additionally, be aware you’ll need to store it near a power outlet so it can charge between cleaning sessions. Choosing the right cordless stick vacuum will help you take on a wide range of tasks without needing to break out a bulky, corded vacuum.

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