Beam Precision Power Head


The BEAM Precision also features five LED lights that illuminate the cleaning path and a narrow turning radius that improves maneuverability around furniture and corners.

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The BEAM Precision power brush includes a retractable blade that cuts through hair, thread and pet hair that get entangled in the brush roll. The consumer simply steps on the Brushroll Clean pedal on the powerhead to clean the brush roll. It eliminates the frustration of having to use scissors or pull the tangled hair out of the brush roll with by hand or the need to take their powerhead in for service. It allows the brush roll to work like new every time.

4-Level Height Adjustment Providing the Highest Level of Cleaning at all Times
EZ Change Release Lets the User Disconnect the Wand form the Powerhead for Quick Attachment Change and Touch Up Cleaning
Bright LED Display and Headlight Illuminates the Cleaning Path in Lower Light Settings
A Circuit Breaker Feature That Protects the Motor and Keeps it From Overheating Should a Foreign Object be Picked Up
Dual Edge Cleaning
Ultra Strong Poly-V Belts that Rarely Break
Large Soft Wheels Easily Glide Over Carpets
Ultra Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver
1 Year Warranty


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