Doc IT® Electric Finish

Doc IT® Electric Finish, which includes:

* 45′ or 55′ Hose
* Hose re-tractor gearbox
* Finish trim

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Doc IT® Doc IT Electric Finish Cana-Vac is proud to present the only fully electric hose retracting system and handle docking station known as Doc IT® Doc IT® eliminates the number one complaint about central vacuum systems…lugging around that bulky hose! The Cana-Vac Doc IT® takes care of that complaint by storing a 55 – foot hose neatly inside a standard household wall cavity eliminating the need for storing the hose in a closet or the tedious task of trying to coil the hose manually. Just Doc IT® by pushing the “In” arrow on the hose and the Doc IT® system automatically winds the hose and stores it inside the wall for future use. The hose handle remains ready for use inside the Docking station and is concealed by an attractive cover which can be refitted with custom cabinetry if preferred. Not only is Doc IT® easy to install in both new or existing homes, it is the only hose retracting system with an electric “kink proof” hose meaning that electric attachments can be used. What’s more is that with Doc IT® you the consumer can feed out or retract as much hose as needed! That’s right no more tripping over excess hose, simply push the arrow “up” or “down” button to extend as much or as little hose needed while cleaning. Don`t store a hose just Doc IT!


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Hose length

45' Doc IT® Hose, 55' Doc IT® Hose




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