Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum – Refurbished – 6 Months Warranty

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Love your pets even more with the Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum. This powerful vacuum can pull pet hair out of any floor type thanks to its Dyson Ball and Root Cyclone technology, which ensures smooth manoeuvrability around furniture and powerful, deep suction. Great for people with allergies thanks to the washable, reusable HEPA filter. Includes a variety of tools to help you reach surfaces from the top to bottom of your home.

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Motorized brush bar for use when vacuuming carpets. The brush bar motor can be turned off when vacuuming hard floors as only suction is required on these surfaces. The brush bar on the Dyson DC25 series of vacuum cleaners has its own small motor which with the drive mechanism will create some degree of noise which will be noticeable as it operates (mainly a whirring/ringing noise). It is perfectly normal to feel a slight vibration through the vacuum cleaner caused by the rotating brush bar itself together with a slight movement in the removable end cap that holds the brush bar in situ. With the brush bar cover being of clear plastic/perspex it will show marks etc from previous usage.

Full size, lightweight and easy to steer.
“The ball”, innovative design that enables the Dyson to be moved around easily.
Dual cyclone technology that doesn’t loose suction when you vacuum.
Quick draw telescope reach wand for use on stairs and hard to reach areas. Suction is only achieved through the hose and wand once the wand is removed from the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Telescopic hose attached to wand. These hoses are thoroughly cleaned but despite all the effort we put in they will never come out in pristine condition and frequently will have marks etc that can’t be removed.

Hygienic and quick to empty bin. Simply operate the lever to open and dispose of the contents directly in to the dustbin.

Clear 1.38 litre bin to see when it is full. Please note that these bins are fully cleaned as part of the refurbishing process but being of a clear plastic will show marks etc from previous usage.

Car and upholstery cleaning.

On board machine tool storage for the combination crevice/small brush tool and stair tool that are included.

Automatic suction changeover valve.

Washable pre motor filter.

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Washable HEPA post motor filter. Please note air from the main motor exits the vacuum cleaner through the HEPA filter and can be clearly heard rushing out through this filter. The filter, filter housing and ball etc do get quite hot from the heat produced by the main motor inside the ball and is normal. The HEPA filter locates inside the ball and it is quite common for the clip that holds the filter in place and the locating lug of the access flap to gently rub together as the ball rotates and create a slight clicking noise as the appliance is moved around (though is not routinely noticed due to the motor noise). When the appliance is switched on/turned off it is quite common for a few moments to hear a squeal/moan type noise coming from the HEPA filter. This again is quite common and is simply the seal around the filter momentarily letting air out as it either seals (when the appliance is turned on) or as the seal slackens (when the appliance is turned off).

The HEPA filters are fully cleaned as part of the refurbishing process. However we would recommend that if the vacuum cleaner is to be used in a house/building where allergy sufferers are present that the purchaser fits a brand new HEPA filter to the vacuum cleaner to ensure its effectiveness.

How to wash the filter on your Dyson DC25 vacuum


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