Esteam Ninja Warrior 150 PSI Carpet Cleaner


Esteam Cleaning Systems’ Ninja 150 is a powerful, durable carpet-cleaning extractor. It offers improved capacity, faster drying times, and easy maintenance.

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Whether you have a small residential project or a large commercial contract, Esteam Cleaning Systems offers industrial carpet cleaning extractors that cater to your needs. The Ninja 150 is the epitome of power, capacity, durability, and performance. As a lightweight and portable electronic truck mount, it stands as one of the most potent soil extractors available.

Our equipment is crafted using only the finest components to ensure strength, reliability, and long-lasting high performance. The housing of all Esteam Cleaning Systems equipment is constructed from high-impact, unbreakable polyethylene. The Ninja 150 incorporates a dual 2-stage vacuum that provides 150 inches of water lift, or 185 inches of water lift with optional dual 3-stage vacuums.


  • Controls and connections have been relocated to the upper center panel for easy access and operation.
  • Enhanced capacity of 13 gallons, with an 11-gallon recovery tank, allowing you to work 16% longer without experiencing downtime!
  • Integrated handle and upper rear casters facilitate loading and unloading.
  • The onboard carrying system offers storage space for your wand, double cord wrap stow, 5-gallon bucket, hose, and a quart of pre-spray.
  • ACCELERATED DRYING TIMES! The Ninja Warrior utilizes a parallel vacuum motor system, resulting in a 25% higher solution recovery rate compared to series vacuum motor systems.
  • Maintenance has never been simpler, thanks to open access to all components, making it easy to maintain, clean, and care for your Ninja Warrior after completing jobs.
Model                      Warrior 150                                      Warrior 150-05                                   Warrior 150-10                 
Pump  150 PSI  150 PSI  150 PSI
 Vacuum Motors  2 2-stage motors  2 3-stage motors  2 2-stage motors
 CFM  194  198  194
 Water Lift  81.8″  117.4″  81.8″
 Internal Heater  N/A  N/A  1850 watt / 2000 F
 Electrical  One Cord  Two Cords  Two Cords
 AMPS  15 Amps  15 AMPS/cord  15 AMPS/cord
 Weight    113 Lbs/52 Kg  115 lbs/52 Kgs  120 lbs/54 Kgs


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