Numatic Combination Carpet and Floor Tool 12″


Designed to clean hard floor surfaces as well as mats and low pile carpet.

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When cleaning a mixture of bare floors and flat carpeting combination tools are the go-to option. The bristles will extend to clean non-carpeting surfaces, and with the flick of a switch the bristles will retract into the head allowing the durable metal plate to glide over flat carpeting. No more switching between tools to complete the job! For added performance the 12″ wide The thread catchers will help lift stuck debris, and the rubber bumper around the tool will help prevent damage to walls, baseboards, and furniture. This combination tool will work with Numatic vacuums with 1.5″ wands, as well as many other brands currently using 1.5″ tools.

Fits Models:

  • Numatic Henry Vacuums with 1.5″ wands
  • Numatic Vacuums with 1.5″ wands
  • NaceCare Vacuums with 1.5″ wands


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