Numatic Charles CVC370 Wet Dry Vacuum


Numatic Charles CVC370 Wet Dry Vacuum – One minute (or most of the year in the majority of cases) Charles will be up to his neck in dust and dirt, keeping everything spick and span, and then suddenly the call arrives and he’s expected to unblock the sink or dry the floor.

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Whether you require it for wet or dry use, Charles has got you covered. When it comes to keeping your space spotless from dust and dirt, Charles rises to the occasion. With our powerful TwinFlo’ motor, he effortlessly tackles the toughest cleaning tasks, ensuring everything remains spick and span. However, Charles doesn’t stop there. When the unexpected happens, such as a sink blockage or a wet floor, he seamlessly transitions into action. Thanks to his adaptable design, Charles is equipped with big filters and HepaFlo dust bags for dry use, as well as a safety float valve for effective wet pick-up.

You can rely on Charles’s lightweight aluminium tubes, as they are built to last and are resistant to rust. He comes with two floor nozzles, one specifically designed for wet work, and a remarkable combination nozzle that excels on both carpets and hard floors. The combination nozzle even features a stainless steel high-efficiency carpet plate for optimal performance. Additionally, Charles is accompanied by three smaller tools, ensuring you have everything you need to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks, from floors to floods, corners to curtains – you’re in complete control.

Having a Charles in your home is like having an insurance policy, minus the fine print. He’s your reliable companion, always ready to assist you in maintaining a clean and pristine environment.


  • Ready for Wet or Dry: Change from wet to dry pick-up quickly and easily.
  • Improves Filtration, Cleanliness and Capacity: TriTex Filtration System.
  • Ready for Wet or Dry: Blocked sinks, household leaks, spills and more.
  • Easy, Clean and Safe Emptying: High efficiency, triple-layer HepaFlo filter bags.
  • A Tool for Every Job: Professional and versatile wet and dry toolkit.


  • Aluminium Tube Bend with Suction Control
  • Aluminium Extension Tube (x2)
  • Parallel Hose
  • Combination Floor Tool
  • MultiFlo Wet Pick-up Tool
  • Double Taper Hose / Tool Adaptor
  • 3 piece tool set – crevice tool, dusting brush & upholstery tool
  • HepaFlo bag included

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Technical data:

Capacity Dry 15L, Wet 9L
Power Cord 10m
Motor 1000W
Weight (Machine + Kit) 9kg
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz
Cleaning Range 26.8m
Suction 2400mm H2O
Airflow 49L/sec
Dimensions 360 x 370 x 510mm


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