Sanitaire SC3700 Canister Vacuum With Lindhaus PB14E 15” Powerhead Kit


Sanitaire SC3700 Quiet Clean Canister vacuum features a wide assortment of accessories for bare floor, carpet and detail cleaning. Includes metal extension wands, crevice tool and dusting brush to reach those difficult cleaning locations. Built for commercial facilities such as hospitals, hotels and office buildings. Lightweight yet durable, it operates at a quiet 68 decibels for day or night cleaning and provides premium high efficiency filtration to help improve indoor air quality.

The Lindhaus PB14E Power Head includes many advanced features for high usage applications. The belt, like all Lindhaus products, is fiberglass reinforced. The double brush bearings are oversized and sealed for years of maintenance free use.

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The EXTEND Sanitaire SC3700 canister vacuum is designed for detailed cleaning of multiple surfaces. Metal wand and hose with combination carpet/bare floor tool, upholstery brush, and crevice tool for versatility. Large-capacity high-hat design with a 3.88-qt bag for increased productivity. Its 9-ampere 1000-watt commercial motor provides maximum suction power for a deep clean and offers an over 1000-hour motor life. The Sanitaire SC3700 comes with a long 32-feet cord.

Sanitaire SC3700 & Lindhaus Powerhead FEATURES:

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning. Complete any job with tools to clean hard surfaces, carpet, furniture and above-floor areas.
  • Convenient Tools. Includes four tools for maximum versatility – a two-piece metal wand, combo bare floor and carpet tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush.
  • Commercial Design. Large capacity (3.88 qt.) high-hat style canister.
  • Quiet Operation at less than 68dB
  • High Allergen Filtration
  • Lightweight –  weighs only 14 lbs


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