Sirena Water Vacuum

Sirena Water Vacuum

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Sirena Water Vacuum 2

Water-Based Filtration

Never buy bags again! Sirena uses water instead of bags to capture dust and dirt.

Sirena Water Vacuum 3

Air Purification

Sirena water-washes the air itselfreturning it fresh and clean. Breathe easy!

Sirena Water Vacuum 4

100% Cleaning Efficiency

Sirena requires no vacuum bags. Every time you clean it feels like using a brand-new vacuum.

Sirena Water Vacuum 5

Odor Elimination

Adding a capful of our Ocean Breeze into the water removes cooking, tobacco, and pet odors.

Sirena Water Vacuum 6

Two Speed Modes

The “Quiet” mode turns Sirena into an air freshener, deodorizer or vaporizer.

Sirena Water Vacuum 7

Allergy Reduction

Sirena effectively eliminates dust mites and their droppings which are a major cause of allergies.

Sirena Water Vacuum 8

Double Protection

A washable True HEPA filter to capture non-water-soluble microscopic particles.

Sirena Water Vacuum 9

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Like Mother Nature, Sirena uses water to clean. No disposable bags or filters are needed.


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