Sebo Airbelt K3 Premium Canister Vacuum


The SEBO air belt K3 includes an electrified telescopic wand designed to accommodate the Sebo Et-1 power head for thorough brushing and optimal cleaning of your carpet. The K3 also comes standard with the Parquet Brush for use on hard floors.

  • It comes with a 10-Year Residential and 1-Year Commercial warranty and FREE shipping to your door!
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Innovation shows in every aspect of the design of the K-Series canisters, from the air belt bumper system to the clever tool storage and easy bag change. These vacuums are light, compact, durable, and powerful.
Modern technology, state-of-the-art design, and consistent customer focus are found in all SEBO products. Try a SEBO canister vacuum cleaner and you will be impressed by the outstanding cleaning power, quiet operation, first-class filtering system, and of course, ease of use.

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  • Powerful Carpet Cleaning. When deciding on a vacuum, a lot of time is spent focusing on various machines suction capabilities. Equally important is the ability of the floor head to dislodge dirt from carpeting. The SEBO AIRBELT K3 features an impressive 1250-watt motor to provide strong suction, while its electric floor head enables quick cleaning of even deep-pile carpeting. Easily navigate around furniture with 180-degree steering ability and adjust the brush roll height to one of 4 levels for optimum cleaning.
  • ET-1 Power Head: A 12-inch wide electric floor head, its powerful bristles constantly rotate to displace dirt trapped in carpets, allowing it to be easily sucked up by the vacuum.
  • Turn Brush Off: When cleaning rugs or other delicate carpets, the brush roller can be switched off to provide only straight suction.
  • Brush Height Warning: If the floor head is set too high for optimal cleaning, an indicator will remain lit during use.
  • Suction Adjustment: A slider switch located on the vacuum’s handle allows users to adjust the suction power to what best suits the cleaning environment. Tackle Bare Floors & More. Powerful suction focuses 120 CFM of airflow at the floor surface to efficiently suck dirt, debris, and even fine dust into the spacious 0.8-gallon dust bag. Adjustable suction allows it to clean hard floors, carpets, upholstery, furniture, and more.
  • Airbeltbumper protects furniture, walls, and the vacuum’s body from damage. Quick-attach tools are housed inside the vacuum for easy access. Use the crevice tool for tight spaces, the upholstery nozzle for furniture, and the dusting brush for delicate items.
  • How Far Can You Reach? Its 37-foot cleaning radius results in fewer electrical outlet changes.
  • How Low Can You Go? Reach underneath beds, chairs, and other furniture. A low, 3.5-inch floor head profile means it gets into an area other vacuums need attachments to reach.
  • 4 Onboard Tools Easily attached to the telescopic wand, a crevice tool, dusting brush, parquet brush, and upholstery nozzle makes reaching into corners, upstairs, or on draperies a snap.
  • Rubber-coated Wheels Durable castor wheels provide smooth moving from room to room. Their rubber coating prevents flooring damage
  • Long Warranty: 5-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Easy Access Brush Roll: The brush roller is easily removed and can be cleaned or replaced without tools.
  • Covered Bumper: SEBO’s patented AIRBELT bumper prevents the vacuum from causing damage to walls, furniture, or itself.
  • Powerful Airflow: This vacuum is capable of airflow of 120 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • Cord Retraction: To return the cord to the canister, simply tug the cord and release it.
  • Storage Options: The floor head, suction hose, and tools can be stored on the vacuum’s underside or backside housing.
  • Easy-to-Use Handle: An ergonomically designed handle makes carrying easy.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 12 pounds, it’s a lightweight canister vacuum.
  • Quiet: A sound level of only 63 decibels makes it an ultra-quiet unit.
  • Available in Red, Black, and Lava.

Bag and filtration:

  • Hospital Grade Filtration. Removing dirt and pet hair is only part of creating an allergen-free home. Having a sealed bag system and high-grade filtration ensures that airborne allergy triggers are eliminated from indoor air.
  • Multi-Layer Filter Bag: The Airbelt K’s 0.8-gallon multi-layer bag retains essentially all dirt and allergens captured. A top-fill design ensures that the unit maintains a strong airflow and doesn’t re-circulate trapped dirt. An included dust cap helps to make sure the bag remains sealed during removal and disposal.
  • Pre-Motor Filtration: Electrostatically charged micro-fiber is used to construct the S-class pre-motor filter. To achieve the S-class Standard, filters must remove 99.9y% of particles down to 0.3 microns. Not only does the pre-motor filter remove airborne particles, but this super-clean air can extend the life of the motor.
  • Exhaust Filter: Filtering the air one last time before it exits means the air released is markedly cleaner than prior to vacuuming.
  • Clean Larger Areas. All the filtration and floor head capabilities are ultimately meaningless if a vacuum isn’t user-friendly. With several unique features, this ultra-quiet canister will have you quickly cleaning areas other vacuums can’t.
  • Full Bag Light: When the bag is full or a clog occurs an orange indicator light on the canister body will illuminate.


  • Features: Adjustable Handle, AIRBELT Bumper, Bare Floor Cleaning, HEPA Filtration Available, Manual and Automatic Brush Shut-Off, S-Class Filtration, Swivel Neck, Use Without Power Head, Variable Suction Control
  • Technical data:
    • Weight 6.12 kg
    • Suction Motor 1250 watts
    • Brush Motor 175 watts
    • Power Head Width 12 in.
    • Airflow 120 CFM
    • Water Lift 95 in.
    • Height Adjustment Manual
    • Suction Motor Protection Thermal cut-out
    • Bag Capacity 3 Litres
    • Brush Wear Compensation Manual
    • Brush Speed 2700 RPM
    • Brush Height Settings 4
    • Sound Level 63 dBA
    • Cord Length/Range 25 ft./37 ft.
    • Hose Length 7 ft.
    • Warranty 10 Years
  • How to change the filters:

  • How to change a full filter bag:


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