Sprayway® Disinfectant for Health Care Use Cleaner Spray- 15.5oz (2-Packs)

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Product Description

  • Disinfectant spray designed for Health Care Use.

Key Features

  • Phenolic disinfectant and deodorant spray.
  • An odor conteractant that chemically neutralizes malodors
  • Controls mold and mildew on mattresses and other surfaces
  • Kills most germs including HIV-1, Herpes Virus I and II, and TB.
  • Bactericidal, Staphylocidal, Tuberculocidal, Fungicidal, Pseudomonicidal and Virucidal
  • For use in healthcare settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools and institutions.

Used For

  • Toilet seats
  • Examining tables
  • Garbage cans
  • Bed pans
  • Empty hampers,
  • Elephones in hospitals
  • Clinics nursing homes and all other health care facilities


  • To disinfect inanimate environmental surfaces such as toilet seat, examining tables, garbage cans, bed pans, empty hampers, telephones etc hold can 15 to 20 cm from surface to be treated. Spray  8-10 seconds and let surface dry or allow to remain wet 10 minutes before wiping
  • To deodorize sick rooms, and other areas, hold can upright and point opening away from face and spray 3 – 4 seconds trowards center of room.


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