Sprayway Dust Up Floor Dressing Spray- 14oz


For use on unsealed wood, concrete, and resilient floors

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An easy-to-use product to control dust on any surface. Spray it on your dust mop or clothand prevent germ-filled dust from scattering. Reduces airborne dust when cleaning, to help protect the building environment and extend the life of your floor finish. When replacing filters on heating and air conditioning systems, spray the filters before putting in place. This will reduce the amount of dust which again becomes airborne.

  • Prevents germ filled dust from scatterings
  • Coverts dust into a heavy lint for easy disposal
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Attracts and holds dust like a magnet
  • Pleasant lemon fragrance

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  • Makes the housekeeping and maintenance professional’s job easier. Improves dust pick-up on mops and cloths, does not “push the dust around”.
  • Coverts dust into a heavy lint for easy disposal
  • 14 oz can


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