A ben a qui

A-BEN-A-QUI is a cleaning product manufacturer that specializes in producing a line of industrial-strength degreasers, cleaners, and solvents. It contains no petroleum distillates, manufactured with Bio-Based ingredients. Also can be used on whiteboard shadowing, soap scum, grout stains, indelible ink, crayon, permanent marker, grape juice, lipstick, scuff marks, hard water marks, rust, scaling, oxidization and much more! The company’s flagship product, A-BEN-A-QUI Heavy Duty Cleaner, is a versatile solvent that can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications.

In addition to its cleaning products, A-BEN-A-QUI also offers a line of lubricants and rust inhibitors to help protect and maintain machinery and equipment. These products are designed to help extend the life of industrial equipment and machinery, while also ensuring that they continue to operate at peak performance.

A-Ben-A-Qui is independently Certified by Chlorine Free Products Association. Endorsed by Grassroots Environmental Child Safe Product Guidelines. Surpassing Green Seal Standards. No VOCs. Non-corrosive.

Vacuum Specialist is proud to be the supplier of the certified Chlorine free products Association that meets the guidelines of Grassroots Environmental Safe Product.

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