DrainVac Central Vacuums

drainvac.jpgDo you need a central vacuum built to last? DRAINVAC offers durable central vacuum systems that come in various types, including conventional, bagged or bagless, and compact or large capacity. Some models are even designed to pick up liquids. They also provide customized vacuum units to meet specific business needs. DRAINVAC’s central vacuums with liquid removal capabilities eliminate the need for separate shop-vacs for wet areas. These units are connected directly to the main drain, making maintenance easy. Additionally, DRAINVAC vacuums have features like soundproofed canisters, air filters, and exterior exhaust ventilation for reduced noise and a dust-free environment. Whether you need a powerful two-motor vacuum or a basic model, DRAINVAC has options to get the job done.

Central vacuums are available in a wide array of makes and models for both residential and commercial use. They offer various attachment options, such as retractable hoses and specialized heads for different surfaces. By choosing a central vacuum, users can avoid the hassle of carrying heavy motors and efficiently clean multiple surfaces with one unit.

To find a reliable vacuum, customers can visit our store for personalized assistance and guidance in selecting the right option that will provide years of reliable service.

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