DrainVac Central Vacuums

You need a central vacuum built to last. DRAINVAC’s reliable vacuum systems range from conventional, bagged or bagless units and compact or large capacity, some are even designed to pick up liquids. Do you need something unique for your business? These customized vacuum units can be designed to suit your needs.

Have you found yourself in a situation requiring more than 1 type of vacuum? Getting rid of all the dust and dirt on your floor is easy until you come across a wet spot. Perhaps there was a flood and your carpets are now soaked. You can eliminate the need for a shop-vac to suck up all the water by installing a multi-use DRAINVAC central vacuum with liquid removal capabilities.

DRAINVAC started in Canada in 1982 and designed the first central vacuum with an automatic drain. There are a variety of vacuum models, some of which are ingeniously designed to suck up water. With a DRAINVAC, cleaning up wet zones is as easy as vacuuming dust. Units are installed and connected directly to your main drain, eliminating the need for emptying
the canister and guess what?

DRAINVAC even has models that can empty your backed-up sink, making it simpler to attend to a clogged drain. A combination of polypropylene and galvanized steel parts prevents any rust from forming in a DRAINVAC wet capacity vacuum. What else?

DRAINVAC brand central vacuums have soundproofed canisters to help decrease noise pollution. Units are fitted with air filters and exterior exhaust ventilation to help maintain a dust-free environment. Whether you need the extreme power of a two-motor built-in vacuum or a basic model unit, DRAINVAC has options so you can get the job done.

Today, there is a wide array of central vacuum makes and models available for residential and commercial needs. Central vacuums have several attachment options from retractable hoses and covers to specialized heads for a variety of flooring and upholstery. Stop lugging around a clumsy motor to clean your space, and instead, get an outstanding central vacuum for cleaning multiple surfaces.

Visit the Vacuum Specialists to discuss your cleaning needs and we will help you choose a reliable vacuum that you can count on for years to come.

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