Dyson V10 Animal+ Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum



The Dyson V10 features fantastic suction and a number of accessories and attachments. It’s lightweight and the 2-in-1 capability adds to its overall versatility. The V10 performed well in our cleaning tests, removing 99% of all debris by volume we tested against. The 140 AW (air watts) suction power on max mode drives incredible cleaning power.

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Perfect for pet owners! The Dyson V10 Animal has the perfect selection of attachments to clean busy homes. Pet owners know how difficult it can be to remove hair and dander from carpets, bare floors, upholstery and the beds they sleep in. Dyson’s all new V10 motor spins at an incredible 125,000 rpm generating more suction power. The airflow now travels through 14 in-line cyclones generating a whopping 79,000 G-Forces separating microscopic dust particles. This combines with inline configuration means 20% more suction and better filtration.

Dyson’s V10 now has one extra battery compared to the V8 which equates to longer run time. You can clean for up to 60 minutes when using the small attachments thanks to the 7-cell lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion doesn’t just mean more power and longer running times, it also means you won’t run out of suction as the battery drains. Expect full power right until the end!

Carpets will be spotless with the all new torque drive brush bar with integrated motor which removes 25% more dust compared to the V8 heads. The hands-free dust bin now holds 40% more dirt to allow you to have great suction while emptying less frequently. The new inline design now opens and empties the dirt without you having to reach in and clean out.

Light weight, high power and longer battery life is now available with Dyson’s V10 cordless vacuum cleaners.

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Automatically de-tangles hair

Motorbar™ cleaner head technology uses polycarbonate hair removal vanes to automatically clear the brush bar as you clean.

Hair screw tool

De-tangling brush bar removes hair from pet beds, car seats and stairs. Fast.

Powerful suction across all surfaces

Direct, powerful suction on both carpets and hard floors. Hair de-tangling Motorbar™ clears long hair and pet hair from the brush bar as you clean.

Easily reaches up high

Lightweight to clean high-up places with one smooth action.

Quickly transforms to a handheld

Changes to a handheld vacuum cleaner and back again in just one click.

Three power modes

The right power when you need it. Three modes to choose from to suit any task on any floor type.

‘Point and shoot’ hygienic bin emptying

The ‘point and shoot’ mechanism hygienically ejects dust and debris in one action, so there’s no need to touch the dirt.

Drop-in docking

The Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuum drops into the wall-mounted dock to recharge it. The dock tidily stores tools, so they’re ready to grab and go.

Up to 60 minutes of fade-free suction

Powerful suction to clean anywhere.


Accessories included with the Dyson V10

How Dyson V10 Cleans

Both the V10 and V11 are great for cleaning cars

The Dyson V10 utilizes one main cleaning method, but does so in a few different ways. Users have a couple of options when it comes to cleaning with this Dyson vacuum.

The primary cleaning style is built around strong suction and a two-tier filtration system. Dyson is known for its radial cyclone filtration, and the V10 continues to use this process.

On max mode the V10 is able to produce 140 AW of suction power.

Although the filtration / suction part of the process does not change, the way in which it gets to the filtration can change based on a few different factors.

Cleaning Heads

The two main cleaning heads are as follows:

  • Soft roller head – The soft roller head is most appropriately used on hard floor surface types, such as hardwood floors. This specific tool offers a softer rolling pad that is able to offer somewhat of a polishing effect, while also sucking up dirt / debris. There is no agitation offered with this tool, which can help prevent scratching your floors.
  • Motorized brushroll – This brushroll uses the more traditional agitation process. Several firm bristles are aligned along the brushroll and work to lift dirt / debris on all indoor surface types before sucking it up.

Every scenario is different, so you need to be sure you are selecting the right tool when completing a cleaning cycle with one of these floor heads.

In addition, the motorized brushroll offers a minimum, medium, and maximum suction power, which can be changed by a switch located directly on the head itself.

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Users also have the option of attaching a smaller cleaning tool, allowing them to use the unit as a handheld. Once again, the same cleaning process is completed, but the suction type could be a bit different, depending on the tool.


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