Karcher Fleece Filter Bags for NT 35/1, Item 6.907-479.0


These Fleece Bag filters are Compatible with Karcher vacuum series NT 35/1

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Extremely tear-resistant, 3-ply fleece filter bags, dust class M. Fleece filter bags have 2 to 3 times the capacity of conventional paper filter bags. Standard for NT 35/1

Adaptable for:
Kärcher NT 25/1 Ap
Kärcher NT 35/1 Ap
Kärcher NT 35/1 Eco
Kärcher NT 35/1 Eco Te
Kärcher NT 35/1 Tact
Kärcher NT 35/1 Tact Te
Kärcher NT 35/1 Tact Te Edition
Kärcher NT 35/1 Tact Te el
Kärcher NT 35/1 Tact Te M
Kärcher Xpert NT 360
Kärcher NT 361 ECO
Kärcher NT 361 ECO M A
Kärcher NT 361 Eco Premium
Kärcher NT 361 ECO TE
Kärcher NT 361 ECO TEA
Kärcher NT 361 ECO-TE-MF
Kärcher NT 362 Eco


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