Numatic Henry Allergy HVA160 Canister Vacuum


Up to 1 in 3 of us suffer from dust-related allergies triggered by minuscule allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust mites and bacteria hiding in our homes. These unwelcome guests easily escape even the most powerful household vacuums. Luckily, Henry Allergy is here to help with it’s three-stage filtration!

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A high-efficiency, long-life H-13 class HEPA filter is combined with a Tritex secondary filter and HepaFlo filter bag to improve the air quality in your home, and trap particles 800 times smaller in width than a human hair! So what goes in – stays in! Tested in an independent laboratory and approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

The Henry Allergy 160 compact model has the same unbeatable features of the full-size Henry but in a compact canister that is high performance, energy-efficient and designed to last. It has the same impressive suction, performance, reliability and easy cord rewind that Henry is famous for. Longer machine life and less down time equals lower cost of operation. Perfectly sized for your space. Accessories store neatly on-board so Henry Allergy is always ready whenever you need him.

Superior Filtration

A 3-tier filtration system consisting of a HEPA 13 filter, a TriTex filter and HEPAFLO bags stops allergens from escaping. Tested in an independent laboratory and approved by the British Allergy Foundation, allergens stand no chance with Henry Allergy on-hand. Henry Allergy is scientifically proven to reduce pet-related allergens around the home.

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Huge Capacity

With a 6 litres dust capacity, the henry compact has the highest dust capacity in its class. That means less emptying and less money spent on bags.

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Stores Neatly Away

On-board tool storage means tools are always to hand and neatly packed away. The vacuum itself can easily be tucked away in a small closet without taking too much room.

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Sealed Bag

Emptying with No Dust and No Mess. Henry’s innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, meaning emptying with no dust and no mess.

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Wand Docking

Convenient, on-board wand docking storage makes it easy for you to place the wand on the back of the vacuum while you pause vacuuming or when storing the vacuum away.

Numatic Henry Allergy HVA160 Canister Vacuum 10

High-efficiency long-life motor

With over 10 million Henrys sold worldwide, and most of those vacuums still in use today, there is little argument that Numatic is of the most reliable vacuum brands in the world. At the heart of a Henry vacuum, a super-efficient 620 Watt motor lasts upwards of 2000 hours.

– Motor: 680W, 0.9 Hp

– Motor Life: 2000+ hours

– Water Lift: 100”

– Airflow: 120 cfm

– Capacity: 6 litres

– Filtration: 0.3 micron @ 99.7%

– Microtex filter – makes sure what goes in – stays in!

– uses HepaFlo dust bags

– Power Cord: 26’

– Noise Level: 47dB(A)

– Weight: 12 lbs.

– Made in England

– AST9 Combo Kit included: Combination carpet/floor tool, Free Flo Floor Tool, 6’ hose, metal wand, telescopic wand, upholstery tool, dusting brush and crevice tool.

– Warranty Details 10 Year warranty on vacuum motor


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