Sebo Airbelt D4 Premium Canister Vacuum – No power head



Everything about the German-made SEBO Airbelt D4 Canister Vacuum is designed for maximum cleaning power and effortless operation while providing an S-Class sealed filtration system that can take care of allergen particles down to 0.3 microns with 99.9% effectiveness.

  • It comes with a 10-Year Residential, 1-Year Commercial warranty and FREE shipping to your door!
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The SEBO AIRBELT D4 is ultra-quiet and lightweight, but it’ll speak up when your attention is needed – like a bag change or a quick unclogging. That won’t be too often though, thanks to a unique tapered suction hose that increases airflow and minimizes clogs, and the large 6 litre vacuum bags (2x the size of our AIRBELT K).

Breeze through your largest spaces with an extra-long 52’ cleaning radius, 4 rotating rubber wheels and a patented AIRBELT bumper system that protects your walls and furniture from damage.

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  • Performance: The high-performance motors and the efficient airflow design combine to give outstanding cleaning results – which is why SEBO regularly comes top in independent tests.
  • Quality: Made in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners are constructed from the highest quality materials. Every SEBO vacuum cleaner is fully tested before it leaves the factory so that you can be confident that in buying a SEBO, you are buying the best.
  • Premium Parquet Brush Floor Attachment Only (No Powerhead): The D4 model does not include a powerhead, instead, it comes with the Premium parquet brush, suitable for wood, tile, laminated floor, and more! The tilt-and-turn ‘flex’ neck design provides superb maneuverability, and its natural bristles and soft wheels make it ideal for any type of hard floor, delicate or otherwise. One straight and one crescent-shaped brush strip guide the suction current, the floating spring-mounted brush strips are effective for uneven flooring and the brush strips can be easily removed to accommodate different cleaning needs.
  • Suction Adjustment Switch on Handle: The D4’s suction power can be adjusted on the hose handle so upholstery can be cleaned with stronger suction and curtains can be gently vacuumed with a lighter suction.
  • Durable, Rotating, Suction-hose Connection: A brilliantly designed hose-to-canister connection allows 320° rotation of the suction hose, providing easier user movement and machine maneuverability.
  • Three Full-size, On-board Tools: A crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle, and a dusting brush are integrated into the canister body, so they are on-board and ready for use at all times. Also, many optional attachments are available.
  • Control-switch Cord Rewinder: Its super-long power cord rewinds by simply pressing a button.
  • Patented AIRBELT Bumper: The soft, textile-covered, foam bumper protects furniture, walls, and the vacuum itself from incurring scratches and scuffs during use. The bumper also diffuses exhaust air, which contributes to its ultra-quiet performance.
  • Full-size Canister Vacuum: The AIRBELT D models are full-size canister vacuums that are larger, more powerful machines, offering a giant filter bag and an extra-long power cord.
  • Convenient Parking and Storage Aids: After the work is done, the suction hose and telescopic tube, with parquet brush or combination nozzle, can be firmly stored on the canister’s underside or backside housing.
  • Flat-to-the-floor, 3.5-inch Profile: A low, cleaning-head profile makes reaching under furniture and beds easy!

Bag and filtration:

  • Full Bag or Clog Indicator: When a full bag, clog in the airflow pathway, or an excessively dirty microfilter is detected, an indicator window turns orange, and an airflow bypass valve opens. This prevents overheating and motor damage from a lack of adequate airflow.
  • LED Suction-power Indicator
  • This technology actually makes it possible for the user to optically monitor the vacuum’s suction power. When using lower power settings, the LED light rotates slowly, and when using higher power settings, the light rotates more quickly. If the power is set to standby mode, the light slowly blinks back and forth, left to right.
  • Three-step, Hospital-grade Filtration: It features a pre-motor filter, a three-layer Ultra Bag, an S-class exhaust microfilter, and a tightly sealed casing, which prevents dirty air from escaping through its seams.
  • Giant, 6 Litre Filter Bag: The large filter bag is convenient and economical because fewer bag changes are needed and closing its built-in hygiene cap prevents dust from escaping during bag disposal.

  • Features: Adjustable Handle, AIRBELT Bumper, Bare Floor Cleaning, Large Filter Bag, Manual and Automatic Brush Shut-Off, S-Class
  • Technical data:
    • Weight 7.89 kg
    • Suction Motor 1250 watts
    • Brush Motor 175 watts
    • Power Head Width 12 in.
    • Airflow 120 CFM
    • Water Lift 95 in.
    • Height Adjustment Manual
    • Suction Motor Protection Thermal cut-out
    • Belt Guarantee 5 years
    • Bag Capacity 6 Litres
    • Brush Wear Compensation Manual
    • Brush Speed 2700 RPM
    • Brush Height Settings 4
    • Sound Level 63 dBA
    • Cord Length/Range 40 ft./52 ft.
    • Hose Length 7 ft.
    • Filtration, Swivel Neck, Use Without Power Head, Variable Suction Control
    • Warranty 10 Years


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