Miele Boost CX1 Compact Bagless Vacuum



Canister vacuum cleaner without bag for maximum extraction power in a compact design.
  • Powerful cleaning performance thanks to Vortex technology
  • Always stays on track thanks to TrackDrive
  • Retains even the smallest particles – Hygiene AirClean Filter
  • Versatile applications – universal floorhead
  • Extremely convenient height adjustment thanks to a Comfort telescopic tube
  • FREE 5 year warranty

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  • Suitability: Hard-floors and low pile rugs
  • Pet Hair: Low amount
  • Dirt Collection: Bagless. 1-litre capacity.
  • Operating Radius: 33-foot from the wall to the floor (21 feet long cord)
  • Suction Power: Same quiet, powerful 1200w motor as all other Miele vacuums.
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs
  • Dedicated Carpet Attachment: No!
  • Maintenance: Super Easy to empty dust container. The Hygiene Airclean filter must be changed once a year
  • Warranty: Free 5-year warranty on parts and labour, and 7-year on the motor.

Miele made sure that power, hygiene and quality was not sacrificed like many other small vacuums. At the heart is the powerful yet silent 1200 watt Vortex motor that can deep clean all floor surfaces. Unique to the boost is the Track Drive system that keeps the vacuum from tipping over as you move around your home. Miele’s quality design, like all other Miele appliances, has been tested to ensure it can last up to 20 years of use. Using mono cyclone technology, airflow velocity inside the Vortex exceeds 100 km/h. In this way, dust is separated from coarse material by centrifugal force. With its compact design and mono cyclone technology, the Boost CX1 achieves excellent dust separation. The Hygiene Air Clean filter retains the smallest particles and can be upgraded to HEPA filtration for allergy sufferers.

The Miele Boost CX1 entry model has been outfitted with the SBD365 combination floor and carpet tool made to clean homes with mostly bare floor and very flat carpet. This attachment is a two-in-one making it easy to switch between vacuuming your floors to your rugs and mats. Also included is a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool for above floor cleaning.

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Stop looking for a plug. Miele Boost CX1 models come with a 21 ft cord or a 33 ft reach from the electric outlet on the wall down to the floor nozzle. This feature allows for convenient vacuuming of even larger rooms without frequently changing power outlets. Also, the cord is soft and stays tangle-free and is easy to manage.


For the first time, Miele has fitted a canister vacuum cleaner with two large wheels on the side of the body. In addition to this, there are also two castors on the underside of the unit: Miele’s tried-and-tested 360° swivel castor with a steel axis and a smaller castor towards the rear for added stability. The side wheels on the Boost CX1 lends this product superiority in terms of straight running properties. Particularly in cramped spaces, this prevents collisions with items of furniture and door jambs. The Boost CX1 follows obediently on the heels of its user. This feature has been called TrackDrive. Thanks to TrackDrive, the Miele Boost CX1 is easy and precise to maneuver yet remains nimble and able to turn on the spot. It is safe to stand the appliance on steps on a staircase as TrackDrive prevents lateral movement. Similarly, the Boost CX1 can negotiate obstacles such as cables and thresholds.


You choose the suction. The Miele Boost CX1 has four pre selected suction settings which gives the user a lot of control as to the amount of suction needed based on the surface the vacuum is being used for. However, you can adjust the suction to any level between the pre-selected increments, allowing suction to be infinitely adjusted to any surface, from delicate upholstery to all types of floor coverings.


All bagless vacuum cleaners from Miele have a 3-stage filtration system. On the Boost CX1, air passes through the following filters. 1. The main dust container with mono-cyclone Vortex Technology. Due to mono-cylone technology, airflow velocity inside the Vortex exceeds 100 km/h. This creates centrifugal force which separates coarse material from fine dust. As a result, large particles and soiling is deposited in the main dustbin, while finer dust is held back by the next filtration stage, the fine dust filter. 2. A washable fine dust filter: 3. A replaceable Hygiene or HEPA exhaust filter.


Don’t break your back. The adjustable telescopic wand allows you to adjust the wand to your desired height, preventing exhaustion and back pain when you vacuum. It’s also handy when trying to reach high places such as the ceiling.


Shhh, It’s sucking. Miele’s encapsulated silent Vortex Motor is one of the most powerful motors in a vacuum cleaner. You will be amazed at the amount of suction this vacuum produces. It is also extremely quiet. That means superior suction power, but with quiet operation. The selected power level is ramped up slowly when Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on, protecting the power supply from overload.


The dust box on the Boost CX1 has a capacity of 1 L. The dustbin is removed using a carrying handle. The tried-and-tested Click2Open mechanism opens the flap on the dustbin, allowing the contents to be emptied directly into a waste container. To easily clean interior areas inside the dustbin, a small cleaning tool is supplied on the side of the bin. A push mechanism allows the side cover of the dustbin to be removed in order to access the pre-filter on the inside with the cleaning tool. You can also easily take apart the canister and wash all the parts under running water.


You can park here. Use the front parking system when pausing while vacuuming to move something. Use the side parking system when you need to carry the vacuum up or down the stairs or store your vacuum neatly in a small closet.


Thanks to TrackDrive, It is safe to stand the vacuum on steps on a staircase as the design of the large wheels prevents lateral movement. This model is light, compact and nimble which makes the Boost a breeze to use in homes with lots of stairs.

What’s In The Box?

| Miele Boost CX1 (Graphite Grey) | Non-electric Hose and Handle | Telescopic Wand | SBD 365-3 Combination Floor Attachment| 1X Pre-Motor Filter Installed | 1X SF-HY60 Hygiene Airclean Filter Installed | 1X Standard Dusting Brush | 1X Standard Crevice Tool|1X Standard Upholstery Tool



The SBD365-3 Combination Floor Tool is an excellent tool for Bare/Hard floors and low Pile carpet/Rugs. Hence called a “Combination” tool. This is a very popular attachment because it allows you to switch between Bare Floors and Rugs without changing the floor attachment from one surface to another.



Perfect for dusting above-ground surfaces such as baseboards, countertops, mantles, fan blades and much more.


Miele’s Standard upholstery tool is perfect for cleaning any upholstered furniture and mattresses.


Perfect for reaching crevices and hard to reach places. 1.5″ Wide X 6″ Tall.


Product details – Boost CX1 – SNRE0



Appliance colour

Bagless canister vacuum cleaner

Product brand

Motor type

Product type

Graphite grey

Boost CX1





Electronic suction power control

Ergonomic carrying handle

Ergonomic swivel handle

Suction tube

Parking position for storing

Parking position for storing

Comfort cable rewind

4-stage rotary selector

Comfort telescopic tube

One side

Both sides Compact




Operating radius in m

Cable length in m

32 (10)

21 (6.5)



Exhaust filter

Dustbag volume in l

Hygiene AirClean filter

0.04 (1.0) ft³ (l)



Vortex technology


Height in mm

Max. power

Diameter in mm

Weight in lbs (kg)​

Volume in dB



15 3/4 (400)

18 (7.8)




SBD 365-3 floorhead

Upholstery nozzle

Crevice nozzle

Dusting brush with synthetic bristles


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