Sebo Duo Carpet Dry Stick Vacuum Cleaner



Every now and then, your carpet needs a deeper cleaning. The German-made Sebo Duo Dry Cleaning System is formulated to deep clean your entire carpet or spot clean stubborn stains. It uses tiny micro-sponges that dig into fibers and eliminate the deepest, darkest stains all without soaking your carpet.

  • It comes with a 10-Year Residential, 1-Year Commercial warranty and FREE shipping to your door!


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The SEBO DUO Brush Machine can effectively work the SEBO DUO-P dry cleaning powder into the carpet with its two counter-rotating brush rollers. Simply push the machine in crisscross patterns over the carpet sprinkled with SEBO DUO-P powder to push the powder deep into the carpet fibres.

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Advantages of the Duo System:

  • Do-it-yourself deep cleaning saves you time and money
  • Carpets aren’t soaked so it won’t need days to dry
  • Eliminates any dust-mite allergens that have built up
  • Built-in fibre protector to prevent future stains
  • No pesky detergent residue on your floors
  • No carpet shrinking or damp-smelling mildew

Cleaning Process:
The duo Brush Machine’s two counter-spinning brushes open the carpet pile, enabling the duo-P Powder to clean each fibre. Weighing only 11 lb, you’ll find it super easy to use. And with a brush-path width of 12.5″, you can clean a room or even an entire house of carpet in no time.

DUO System Overview

  • Technical data:
    • Weight 5.35 kg
    • Brush motor 200 watts
    • Power Head Width 14 in.
    • Height Adjustment Floating
    • Suction Motor Protection Electronic cut-out
    • Brush Wear Compensation No
    • Brush Speed 400 RPM
    • Brush Height Settings Floating
    • Cord Length/Range 40 ft.
    • Features Easy to use, Lightweight
    • Warranty 10 Years


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